Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Great Alt Right University Invasion

Ok, guys, so here is another thought for you. I've been sitting on this one for some time now. We have a lot of young men in the Alt Right and a lot of these men are probably thinking about going to university (or college as they say in America) so why not gather them together and make them all invade the same university? Why not designate a particular university as the Alt Right university and then put out the meme that all young Alt Right men should apply for that university?

If we do this then we can flood said university with our men and thus we will be able to establish a dominant physical subculture on the university grounds. The university obviously doesn't have to say it is Alt Right and the people applying obviously don't have to say they are. It just has to be memed and then our men will go and once they are there they can organize.

Seems like a pretty obvious good idea to me.

But I'm not an American so I don't know how the college system works there. My guess is that the Americans should just pick a decent university in a Republican state and then just go for it.

The whole thing will also no doubt trigger the media which will also be great.

Ok that's it...short posts for me these days...

Hail Victory!

Friday, 15 September 2017

It is Paganism and not Christianity that has the power to unite us

I do believe in God and I pray to him on a regular basis and although I am not a Christian I am very fond of churches and I do like to sit in them from time to time to find solace. I also wish that the sleeping giant of Christianity would wake up and purge our lands of these barbarian hordes but alas it does not seem that this is going to happen and if it is to happen it is something that is beyond my power to partake in as it would be a revolution that should be started and led by those who fervently believe in the Bible.

What I can do, however, is to help the spread and cultivation of a knowledge in ancient European Pagan stories both of the Greco-Roman and the Nordic variety as these stories are stories that unite us all whether we are Christian or Pagan or even Atheist.

And this, in short, is why these stories have more power to unite us than Christianity does. Too many Pagans and too many Atheists despise the bible but the Christians on the other hand tolerate and even love the old stories of Thor and his kin.

So lets dive into these ancient myths and find fresh meaning. Let us tell the stories to each other and when we need moral guidance perhaps we can look to Penelope as the example of a chaste wife or we can see the story of Hercules to see what danger uncontrolled anger may lead us into.

In the past the masses would look to the old Hebrew stories of the Bible for moral guidance but for better or for worse those days are gone. Let us overcome this terrible metaphysical divide among white nationalists between the Christian, the Pagan and the Atheist. All agree upon the glory of Rome so let us build our foundation there.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

A right wing culture is a culture of service

Hello my friends. I hope you can forgive me for not writing more often. I have been trying to figure out what exactly I should be doing with this blog. I did start out wanting to write large epic important essays detailing my thoughts on things but this desire has been dampened by the fact that I have potential censorship looming over me and threatening to strike at any time.

I have already had two Jewtube channels shut down and it gets rather depressing seeing your hard work being thrown down the drain. So I am now going to focus my energy instead on setting up some kind of podcast and perhaps writing a book as these things appear to be more permanent ways of expressing myself.

But then what about this blog? I do enjoy writing....

Well, today's decision is to write shorter posts. Instead of a 500 or a 1000 word exposition with lots of different pictures I will instead try to detail out one idea at a time and maybe add one picture. Something short and sweet. Something easy that I won't cry about too much if it gets deleted. That's how I feel today anyway...

So what is today's thought?

I want to repeat an idea that occurred to me whist talking to Sven on SS Britannia, namely the idea that in a true right wing society the emphasis is on service and not domination. It is actually the opposite of what the leftists make it out to be.

If you were to listen to a communist talking about feudalism or a fascist dictatorship you would be given the impression that everybody is dominating everybody else. A vision of a society of bullies beating and ordering everybody around would form in your mind. The King bullies his ministers who then bully their subjects who then go home and bully their wives who in turn bully their children who then in turn grow up to become bullies themselves.

The leftists would have you believe that a right wing society is a society in which everybody is obsessed with having power over other but the leftist utopia on the other hand is a paradise of free interaction where people do whatever they want.

Of course this is all a muddle but like the best of the leftist lies there is an element of truth in it. The King does have power over his subjects and his subjects have power over their wives and those wives over their children but they miss the fact that in turn those children must serve their mothers and the wives their husbands and the husbands the King. And in the end the King must serve God. So for every position of power in a right wing society there is an equal and opposite position of service. This is how a hierarchy works, it is built on love as much as it is built on strength.

But the leftist of course ignores this loving service. He ignores the honor of doing your duty. For the leftist there is only the individual and he doesn't owe anybody anything. Of course in theory he owes the collective but in practice he doesn't have to bow his head and he doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to.

The so called free and egalitarian society that the leftist wants to create is really just a mob of Kings, each refusing to bow to the other, each refusing to serve, each arrogant and confident and lacking in any duty, each lost and without purpose, each seeking to dominate everybody else, each following the mantra of 'better to rule in hell than serve in heaven'

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Beautiful White Music

You can't have a revolution if you are separate from the popular culture, you have to use that culture against itself. This I think is especially true with music. As we all know music of the 20th century has been deeply affected by Negro sounds starting with the Blues and moving on to Jazz and then rock and all popular music. Everybody these days plays the pentonic scale and hits that blue note. We have all grown up with this and if we are honest with ourselves most of us probably still love this type of music although we have grown to recognize it is bad for us.

How do we combat this? Well classic music is a solution and we should all definitely spend some time familiarizing ourselves with those sounds because it is our culture but that music is not really the music of the people. It's not our folk music. Folk music is the music of the folk surprisingly enough.

And so I am starting a new quest to find something beautiful in Folk music that isn't too contaminated with the likes of Bob Dylan. This article will be updated over time as I search through different albums and strive to find different sounds to love.

It is impossible to simply shut culture out. In order to clean ourselves of Cultural Marxist influence we must find the best of what the people have made and cling to that.

Please leave music in the comment section and I will keep updating this article.

1        I have to start with five leaves left because this is what has inspired me to start this quest.

2         Here is a still living band that is very beautiful. A very white folky sound. This guy has such purity in his voice

3       Just discovered this guy. I liked his style straight away. That's probably the best way to figure out if you like a style of music or not. It either strikes your heart or it doesn't. This is a bit Jazzy but anyway it's good.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

COPYRIGHT IS EVIL An introduction


I've been trying for some time now to convince people on the Alt Right that we should become an anticopyright movement and that this is the key to defeating the Jewish controlled mass media but it appears unfortunately that nobody is really listening. Last year I made a video called 'Pepe Will Destroy The Information Industry' which was promoted by the Daily Stormer and which I hoped would start some kind of revolution but alas it was not to be. Although many people liked the video and commented on it and although many people have also listened to me talking about this issue on SS Britannia with Sven Longshanks for some reason it seems that nobody has really really taken the bait and understood what I am trying to say.

I suppose this is just one of the lessons that we have to learn in life. Although some things may seem blatantly obvious to you it doesn't mean that other people are going to understand or be passionate about what you are saying. So I guess the real truth of the matter is that in order to get an idea across you just have to repeat yourself over and over and over again until you find and cultivate an audience and until you can force your ideas into the mainstream of thought.

This naive dream of being able to just write a single essay which will change the world because it speaks the truth is perhaps just that, a naive dream. In reality it seems that propaganda and group dynamics wins which is highly problematic when your youtube channel keeps getting shut down.

But I suppose I shouldn't blame others for my deficiencies. Perhaps if I had described my ideas more clearly more people would have listened. So I must try again and again and again until the battle is won because I firmly believe that this is the masterstroke that will destroy Jewish oppression.

My latest plan is to write a book and this essay is to be the first chapter in that book. Now I do understand the irony of writing a book which is against copyright because every book is copyrighted by it's publisher. What publishing house would print a book that it's competitor would steal? Here you can see the subtle and all pervasive nature of the copyright problem. It is assumed by everybody and embraced by the intellectual class without question because every thinker naturally dreams of being published and making money from his ideas. This is also the first objection that you ever hear if you question copyright, 'how am I supposed to make money if I don't own the thing that I have created?' cries every artist and thinker.

Well it's a fair enough complaint and I agree, artists must be maintained otherwise who will entertain the masses with wisdom? But my argument is that artists and creators should be maintained by donations from the goodwill of the people so that the costs of production for ideas may be covered but the ideas themselves may never be owned by the artist and they belong in the public domain as no man may claim to own an idea.

So how can I write a book knowing that copyright is bad? Well, I will first publish the book here in the form of a series of essays and then I will follow in Benjamin Garlands footsteps and I will build a website dedicated specifically to the book and I will upload all the essays there and then I will publish the book with Lulu.com. In that way it will be possible to read the book for free on the internet and then if you want a physical copy then you can buy one.

If it is possible I will give permission to anybody to publish my book but I don't know if that will clash with Lulu's legal requirements. To be honest with you I find the legal details of the copyright debate to be insanely boring and I am not going to talk about them here at all. In fact I think this mind numbing Jewish legal speak is one of the reasons why people don't even want to consider the copyright question. Jewish law is very very boring and very unaryan. Jews have very little sense of justice or honor they just like to scribble endless laws on paper as a means to control people just as they did with their Talmud.

So that is my plan and hopefully this will enable me to finally get this monster out of my head.

Now, let me sell you the idea.


There are many ways that I can approach the copyright question. There is the historical perspective, or the metaphysical perspective or the moral perspective and I will look at these but first lets look at the money. First let me sell you the idea as a consumer. Of course I think my idea is beneficial for artists too but for whatever reason artists usually get very upset and defensive when I start talking about copyright being evil. So let me go straight to the consumer instead. Let me explain why this idea of anti copyright is good for you.

Let's imagine a giant pie that represents all of the intellectual property that is produced by the entire information industry. By that I mean the combination of the music industry, the software industry, the film industry, the book industry, the games industry and so on and so on. If it is an industry that produces a product that can be digitalised and consumed on your computer then it's part of the information industry. When asking the copyright question there is of course the issue of patents for various inventions but I will deal with that later.

This entire industry is maintained by consumers buying their copyrighted products. Let's say the information industry as a whole takes in 300 billion dollars a year (totally random number) and then uses that money to churn out 300 billion dollars worth of books, music, software and ect ect. You as a consumer only get to consume the small amount of the pie that you paid for. You put in say 300 dollars a year into the information industry and as a result you receive 300 dollars worth of books, music, films or whatever.

If however we change the system so that instead of buying intellectual property consumers like you donate to support the creation of intellectual property that is being given away for free then all of a sudden instead of getting a very small slice of the pie for 300 dollars you are getting the whole pie.

Do you see what I am saying here?

If we can organize things so that 300 billion dollars is donated into the information industry instead of paid into it then everyone in the whole world gets every movie, every book, ever game every everything for free. Technically I suppose it's not for free as somebody will have to make the donations but those donations will be voluntary so theoretically it's kind of free. Free for individual at least if not for the group.

Whatever the case, the point is that you are going to get a lot more for your dollar if we reorganize the world in this way. With this idea everybody gets infinite content and the artists still make money.

This is my fundamental argument for a copyright revolution.

Hail Victory!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Three Steps To Alt Right Street Activism

As we all continue to digest the fallout from Charlottesville one thought comes to mind and that is that it is becoming increasingly evident to me that we need a stepping stone between internet activism and street activism. We need a safe space for pro whites to meetup and hang out and socialize without being pressured into doing some kind of demonstration. We need something friendly and cool first and street fights second.

I'm not saying this because I don't want to fight Antifa because I do. But if I do get into a fight with Antifa I want to be doing it with a group of men that I already know and trust. I don't want to just turn up at a random demonstration and then get thrown into the deep end with some white brothers that I don't even know. I mean, they may be white and they may be right but still I don't know them.

It's hard to go from this......

straight to this.....

maybe first we need a bit of this....

and then eventually we will get to this....

see my point?

I'm saying all of this because back in the old old days of the internet when The Daily Stormer was still around, I had a conversation with a guy in one of the bookclubs in the forum and he was banging on about how we had to go out and do this and do that and so on and so on and I suggested in reply that maybe we could just meet up and go out for a friendly pint. My suggestion was not completely appreciated. They were polite enough but there did seem to be and does seem to be a lot of pressure from certain people to immediately go out on the streets and start doing stuff and if you don't want to do that then you are a coward.

It just seems to me that some people want to push this thing to far and to fast. Alinsky (and yeah it seems that I am constantly quoting him) would say that you should understand a groups abilities and get it to act according to those abilities. So if you are organizing a miners strike you don't tell them all to make internet memes because it's way out of their comfort zone.

In the same way it's probably slightly over ambitious to expect that a bunch of guys who are accustomed to shit posting on the interwebs are going to suddenly organize into well formed combat troops.

In my humble opinion we need a stepping stone. We need a no pressure environment where people can meet and talk, they can make friends, they can network, perhaps they can even go camping. When we have this kind of Volkish family friendly group network then from that abundant network of friends the young and the strong and the brave can go the extra mile to do daring stunts of activism.

It seems to me that this is how the hippie revolution happened.

Most hippies just sat around and smoked pot and had a good time....

but once the Jews had that huge mass of people in their hands they were able to activate them for political purposes.

The point being that they already had a HUGE support base before they started marching.

So whether you want to recruit dedicated activists for small demonstrations and street battles or you want to stage HUGE MASS DEMONSTRATIONS it seems to me that you want a large base of people first. How do you get those people? By having friendly low pressure hangouts. By going camping. By doing stuff that is implicitly white. By having festivals and stuff like that. Then when the time comes to strike you have the numbers.

Just a thought from you humble Brutus.

Hail Victory!

Sunday, 3 September 2017

A Flag For The Alt Right, Response To Vincent Law

Ever since Charlottesville the debate has been raging over the swastika. Most of the leaders of the Alt Right seem to be in unanimous agreement that swastikas are bad and that we don't as a movement want to be associated with them because the general public has been trained to hate that symbol. Now Vincent Law is proposing that we follow Generation Identitaire and create our own flag.

(link here)

I sympathize with what he is saying, I really do. And I like the various symbols of other pro white organizations. But it does all feel like cucking to be honest with you. Others have rebranded and had moderate success but would they have had more success if they had been true to their heritage? And also are they simply forced to use other symbols because of the hate speech laws of their particular nation? Surely with the first amendment the Americans can take a more direct and honest route.

To clear my head on this issue I'm going to list out here a number of arguments in favor of using the Swastika. I am a little bit stubborn but not to the point of insanity. If somebody can show me these arguments are wrong then let's ditch the swastika.

Please do bear in mind here that when I talk of using the swastika I am not talking about using the National Socialist swastika. A lot of people complain that using the swastika means you are just larping as a Nazi and that national socialism is an old dead political movement from the last century which looks ridiculous in a modern context. I agree and I don't think we should be dressing up as Nazis. To be honest I don't think anybody is seriously recommending that and it seems to me that people who are against the swastika use the larping argument as a straw man against people like myself. So let me be clear. Larping is stupid. What I would like to see is the swastika used in a new flag.

 not cool.....

Ok so, on with the arguments...

1      First of all I am in favor of using the Swastika because if you don't you look like a coward who is ashamed of his beliefs. If you are in the Alt Right, if you want to save the white race from genocide then you are a Nazi and you wish that Hitler had won the Second World War. There is no way around it so stop denying it.

In any debate the person who has the burden of proof is usually the person who loses the debate. This means that the person who is on the defensive and who has to prove himself is the person who loses. So if somebody calls you a Nazi and you then claim that you are not you then have the burden of proving to that person that you are not a Nazi and you don't really hate the Jews and you have black friends and so and so forth.

It is the failure to understand this point which has led the right to lose for the last 70 years in my opinion. Once we have clearly stated that we are racist, sexist, homophobic, Nazi's then whoever we are debating with will be forced to engage with our ideas instead of just calling us names. This is one of the first things that I learned when I first started following the Alt Right and I have personally experienced this many, many times. A normie will be shocked when you tell them you are a Nazi but once the shock has passed they are forced to engage in a serious debate with you.

2      Secondly I believe that we should use the swastika because it will force the media to pay attention to us. The Jews have two choices when faced with the swastika. They can either attack it or they can ignore it. If they ignore it, it will be normalized and so they are forced to attack it. They have no other choice. If you use the swastika you are forcing the Jews to use the full force of the media against you and thus you will have unlimited publicity.

3      You may argue that unlimited negative publicity is a bad thing but I would say it doesn't matter because when you use the swastika your message will always come across. The swastika is a symbol that requires no translation. It means Jews are bad and whites are good. It means we want a military dictatorship. It means we want a white ethnostate. It means Hitler did nothing wrong. Everybody knows the swastika means all these things and it requires no further explanation. What better way is there to get your message a public?

4      By shoving the swastika in peoples faces and repeatedly triggering them you will destroy their left wing brainwashing. As I am sure we have all experienced, when a normie sees the swastika he freaks out because he has been programed to. The response that he gives is not natural, it is an emotional impulse that the media has taught him to have but just like somebody who has a fear of bananas if you shove enough bananas in their face they will lose their fear. If the Alt Right adopts the swastika there will be a massive public triggering. But how long will it last for? How long till that emotion exhausts itself? A couple of years perhaps? And then what a glorious position we will be in once people in America have grown used to seeing that symbol as part of the political landscape.

5       The next reason is that it strikes fear into the hearts of our enemies. Have you ever seen Britain First marching into the Muslim part of town with the cross? Have you ever seen the terror it strikes into them? They know what it means. In the same way the Jews are afraid of the swastika. Seeing it causes them pain. Don't we want to cause our enemies pain?

6      Next I would say that we should use the swastika because of it's deep esoteric meaning. Of course this is a subject for a whole other essay but in brief I will say that the swastika is a symbol of the sun and also a symbol of the chakra of time. It's four arms can represent the four classes, the priestly class, the warrior class, the merchant class and the working class. It can represent the four goals of life, Dharma (justice), Artha (wealth), Kama (pleasure) and Moksha (liberation) and it can represent the four ages, the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age and finally Kali Yuga, the age of quarrel which is our current age.

That is just a sample of the depth of meaning contained within this ancient symbol. Can anything new that we create really compare to it? Perhaps, dare I say it, if we explored this mystical angle we could bring over some of those hippies to our movement. There are a lot of people searching for spiritual answers in this world. Unfortunately at the moment the left swallows them all. Why can't we take these people instead like the Germans did with the Volkish movement?

7       Next, I ask you, how can you denounce the swastika in the real world if we celebrate it on the internet? I don't think anybody really wants to start editing Pepe memes so how are we going to go through the mind bending gymnastics of making Hitler jokes online but then refusing to do the roman salute or carry the swastika in real life? Isn't this slightly hypocritical? Don't you think people will notice this hypocrisy?

Also as Vincent Law quite rightly pointed out, the Alt Right is a movement of leaderless resistance. What are you going to do when an Alt Right group appears that is flying the swastika? Are you going to disavow them? If the Alt Right does not have an established hierarchy, (and I don't think it should), then how are you going to stop people from raising the swastika? I can guarantee you that if a charismatic leader does appear and he starts waving his own brand of swastika under the heading of Alt Right, he will steal all of the limelight pretty quickly. What are you going to do then?

Also, now that I am thinking about it, how does Vincent Laws ideas of leaderless resistance match up with flying a common flag? Won't somebody just end up embarrassing the movement if you let everybody use the same flag but don't monitor them through an established hierarchy? Better to have separate clans with separate flags who are loosely connected through the same intellectual leaders.

8        Next, I would say that we should use the swastika because it is a symbol for the white race as a whole and not just for America. Imagine how our brothers in Germany will feel when they see that the white men of America are raising their symbol. Imagine their joy.

This is actually a point which I have really wrestled with. I am a big fan of Saul Alinsky and I consider him to be one of the founders of our movement with all the irony that entails. In his Rules For Radicals he makes it quite clear that if you want to start a revolution you must frame it as a return to the past and you must use the ancient symbols of your nation. It is for this reason that I have rejected the white sharia forced meme as it is not a meme that will ever be adopted by America at large because of its alien nature.

But is the swastika an alien symbol to America? Perhaps, but it's not an alien symbol to the white race. Everybody knows its connection to Hitler. As I said before, it is an image that requires no translation. And so I think the Alt Right should adopt the swastika because it will show world wide white solidarity. It will also serve to remind Americans of their European heritage.

9      Finally for my ninth point. I ask you this, would you die for it?

would you die for this?

or this?

or this???

or this?

or would you die for this?

I suppose maybe the other flags would do. I'm not a fanatic. At the end of the day the Alt Right is a loose affiliation of different groups. Perhaps some will want to fly the swastika and perhaps some won't. Perhaps the point here is that we shouldn't be forcing anybody to fly a particular flag. America is a big country, I am sure there is room for a multiple of different group with different flags and the more leaders there are the harder it will be for the Jews to infiltrate and destroy us.

Maybe we should just stop caring. Or if you do care then join a group that also cares and leave alone the people that don't.

Hail Victory!